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21 Disney Icons

Credit: narrativerose
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Comments are Great!
Tell me which icons you are taking.
Stitch Artwork by Ribera. He is the best.

(9) Lilo & Stitch
(3) Sleeping Beauty - Aurora
(2) Beauty & Beast- Beast
(1) Tinkerbell
(2) The Little Mermaid-Ariel
(1) Tarzan
(1) Snow White
(1) Cinderella

1.Image Hosted by 2.Image Hosted by 3.Image Hosted by 4.Image Hosted by 5.Image Hosted by

6.Image Hosted by 7.Image Hosted by 8.Image Hosted by 9.Image Hosted by 10.Image Hosted by

11.Image Hosted by 12.Image Hosted by 13.Image Hosted by 14.Image Hosted by 15.Image Hosted by

16.Image Hosted by 17.Image Hosted by 18.Image Hosted by 19.Image Hosted by 20.Image Hosted by

21.Image Hosted by
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very cute---!
oh wow I'm snagging 14...these are gorgeous! Will credit
Thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciated. I also you asked me question about how to do something in a layout. Are you talkign about the layout that you post the comment or my personal journal layout.


11 years ago

taking #2! I love you, they're gorgeous.
Love ya too. hehe. Alone stitch. Thanks for the comment. Cars comes out tomorrow. SNiff sniff
I adore number 4 the dots are very cerative, and go well with that image, the production pieces are realy cool
Thanks soo much. I appreciate your comment. ^_^
Very pretty.

Taking 3, 4, 12, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21
Thanks so much. Enjoy them. I will also forgot to email you back saying I will affiliate with you. I am sorry for forgetting. hehe. If you need any helo with your community go ahead ask me. ^_^


11 years ago

Soo pretty!
#3 is really cool. yay kingdom hearts stuff kinda! i was hoping someone would make icons out of those. #12 makes me sad. im taking 14, 16, and 20. will credit
they all look really good! im snagging #17. will credit when used, thanks
very pretty! i love 17 and 21 ooo 13 too theyr all good!
I love number 5. =)
beautiful! swipin 9 and 12

Oooh! SO BEAUTIFUL! I took 16, 17, 13, & 9!!! :)
Will credit, of course.
2 is awesome! Where did it come from. iTs so neat and 3D
Took a bunch, will credit when used. Thanks! They're beautiful.
took #2, they are all great
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