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21 Disney Icons

Credit: narrativerose
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Comments are Great!
Tell me which icons you are taking.
Stitch Artwork by Ribera. He is the best.

(9) Lilo & Stitch
(3) Sleeping Beauty - Aurora
(2) Beauty & Beast- Beast
(1) Tinkerbell
(2) The Little Mermaid-Ariel
(1) Tarzan
(1) Snow White
(1) Cinderella

1.Image Hosted by 2.Image Hosted by 3.Image Hosted by 4.Image Hosted by 5.Image Hosted by

6.Image Hosted by 7.Image Hosted by 8.Image Hosted by 9.Image Hosted by 10.Image Hosted by

11.Image Hosted by 12.Image Hosted by 13.Image Hosted by 14.Image Hosted by 15.Image Hosted by

16.Image Hosted by 17.Image Hosted by 18.Image Hosted by 19.Image Hosted by 20.Image Hosted by

21.Image Hosted by
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Took 4 :)
Great stitch icons! Taking #1 and #12. Will credit. Thanks for sharing!
Took number 5 and credits will be given
Snagged four, sixteen and twenty. Lovely :)
Took #13. Will credit!
Snagged all the stitchs. Thank you!
Pretty!! You're very talented! Saved 9 :)
can you send me the picture of ariel in front of the stained glass? i got the outline tattooed on me, but i can't find that picture anywhere to get the background.
Took 4, 7, and 12. They're lovely! I'll credit when used - thank you. :)
adorable icons
i saved 5 & 13 will credit when i use
saved #16, will credit. thanks.
These are all so beautiful! I might take some, but I don't know which ones right now...:)
I of course will credit when I use any!! :)
These are great! Swiping #8 from you -- promise to credit! :)
i took a few of the stitch ones
i will credit
I saved #4; will be sure to credit you! These are all lovely! :)
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