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21 Disney Icons

Credit: narrativerose
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Comments are Great!
Tell me which icons you are taking.
Stitch Artwork by Ribera. He is the best.

(9) Lilo & Stitch
(3) Sleeping Beauty - Aurora
(2) Beauty & Beast- Beast
(1) Tinkerbell
(2) The Little Mermaid-Ariel
(1) Tarzan
(1) Snow White
(1) Cinderella

1.Image Hosted by 2.Image Hosted by 3.Image Hosted by 4.Image Hosted by 5.Image Hosted by

6.Image Hosted by 7.Image Hosted by 8.Image Hosted by 9.Image Hosted by 10.Image Hosted by

11.Image Hosted by 12.Image Hosted by 13.Image Hosted by 14.Image Hosted by 15.Image Hosted by

16.Image Hosted by 17.Image Hosted by 18.Image Hosted by 19.Image Hosted by 20.Image Hosted by

21.Image Hosted by
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Where do people get those lovely "stained glass" style pics? I've wanted to see the whole collection for a while now, but I can't find them!
BEAUTIFUL! Where on earth did 16-20 come from??
Had to take number 1. Its too cute. I <3 Stitch!!
snagged 1, 4, 8, 9, 16, and 20.
These are wonderful.
Will ceredit if I use them <3.
Oooo. Preeety.

I snatched sooo 2 5 8 9 12 15 16 17 19 20 & 21

I will credit when used

These are lovely! Taking #12, will credit. :D
Totally taking the caffeine ones, 'cause caffeine is good!
Snagged 8 and 16! Great icons will credit!
Took #14. Will credit when used. Thanks for sharing! =o)
Took #3, will credit.
I love the Kingdom Hearts ones. I think I'll snag the Cinderella one (#21).



June 12 2006, 08:52:16 UTC 11 years ago

Theses are beautiful icons! =D
I'm taking all of them ^^ I'll definatly credit you no matter where I use them =D
Oh but on #11, Do you mean "chef" instead of "chief"??
But they are some beautiful icons =}
snagged a few, will credit ^.^


June 12 2006, 17:40:31 UTC 11 years ago

very cool icons. especially the stitch ones
Great job! I'm snitching 4, 8, and 13; thanks so much, and fantastic job again! (Will credit, btw, to be fair.=D)
Took 17,19, 20, and 21. These are wonderful.
Just now saw this and love #12. Also taking 1, 8 and 15 and will credit. Great job!
Ooo! Where did you find that Kingdom Hearts picture of Tarzan?
took 16, they´re great!
I took 12, thank you so much!
i wish i was this talented. snagged several! thanks!
beautiful..took 16 17 9 12 13 3 4 5 8 anddd 2 thanks!!
Nice icons, i took #5 the one with ariel sitting on the rock.
Saved 4 and 13--thanks!


June 26 2006, 18:29:09 UTC 11 years ago

I really love the stained glass ones! Not taking, just admiring!
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