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Jo and Laurie Layout

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Jo and Laurie(Little Wome) Layout Contains :
- Jo and Laurie Header

P.s. Thanks for giving me the time to design this and thanks for being patient.

-Give credit to:roxydesigns or narrativerose
-Comments are Great! They make me smile.

1. Bigger View of the layout.

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2. The Header
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The Steps and The Codes for the Layout

1) The layout styles should all be generator.
Make sure everything is generator. It Should look like the picture below
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2) The next step is to click on color custom. The picture below will show the codes you need to type in. Type everything exactly how it looks in the picture.

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3) Copy and Paste these codes into the override box.

The override box looks like the picture below

4) Enjoy it! hehe
Give credit to:narrativerose or magical_disney
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